Integrity Management System

CERTINT has an Integrity Management System to guarantee integrity in social compliance audits and to manage integrity and bribery risks that may exist before, during and after each audit service. The scope of the integrity management system applies to all personnel including auditors and partners of the audit firm.

For this purpose, the “Social Compliance Manual” has been implemented, a document that describes in its Chapter 2 on Independence and Integrity, information about the independence of the auditing firm at the time of assigning audits, thus avoiding any type of conflict of interest that could cause distortion of the veracity of the facts during a social compliance service.

Also, reference is made to its system to identify risks and manage compliance related to ethics and integrity.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

CERTINT has a Code of Conduct and Ethics, which contains the ethical and moral principles based on its vision and mission, as well as the rules of conduct that precede the achievement of its business goals and other private interests.

The spirit, purpose and reason of the Code of Conduct and Ethics guides our directors, associates, employees and auditors regarding their attitude and behavior aimed at preventing it from being used to commit improper acts.

It is a principle fundamental of our Code of Conduct and Ethics to reject any offer of gifts, favors, entertainment expenses or special services that come from a client, business owner, potential client, government or any person interested in obtaining any undue favor or benefit.