Who can apply for the WRAP certification?
WRAP certification can only be awarded to individual production plants. Company holding companies, brands and retailers are not eligible to apply. The WRAP Certification Program is primarily focused on the Sewing, Textile and Footwear Product Sectors and related industries.
How much does it cost to get WRAP-certified?
WRAP charges a registration fee of US $ 1,195 for new facilities seeking certification, as well as Platinum and Gold certified facilities seeking renewals (Silver certified facilities seeking timely renewal pay a reduced registration fee of US $ 895). This fee does not include the price of the audit, which is set by individual monitoring firms and paid directly by the facility seeking certification.
Can I get a single WRAP certificate for multiple facilities?
No. Each production facility must undergo the certification process separately
How much does a WRAP audit cost?
The price of a WRAP audit is set by the individual monitoring firms that carry them out and are primarily a function of the size of the facility and its location. WRAP does not have a set pricing schedule for audits.
How long does the facility have to complete the certification process from the moment of registration with WRAP?
The facility has a maximum period of 6 months to complete the certification process, which implies obtaining a favorable opinion for its certification after undergoing the audit, otherwise it will have to start the registration process with WRAP again, losing the initial payment made by right of inscription.
What is the scope of the desk review for a WRAP certification audit?
The scope of the documentary review for facilities that start a certification audit for the first time will be up to 3 months prior to the audit date. In the case of facilities that go for recertification, the scope of the documentary review covers the entire period prior to their last certification.
How long is the period established to carry out an audit from the moment the facility announces his disposition?
Once the auditee has announced to the auditing firm his intention to undergo the audit, a maximum of 1 month must elapse to carry out the audit, which will be carried out unexpectedly within that period of time.