CERTINT is a Peruvian auditing firm that was founded in December 2005 with the objective of conducting social responsibility audits. It currently operates from its main headquarters located in Lima – Peru and with international scope to carry out its audit services in some Latin American countries.

Since its inception, CERTINT has been working hand in hand with the largest companies in the textile and clothing sector in terms of export volume, however; given the dynamism of the growing textile sector in recent years, medium and small companies have been incorporated who see a commercial opportunity in obtaining the prestigious WRAP certification increasingly required by the most important brands worldwide as a mandatory condition to be able to establish commercial agreements that allow them to continue expanding in international markets, thus ensuring their sustained growth.

To achieve the business objectives of our clients, taking into account the obligations regarding compliance with the national legal regulations on labor, occupational health and safety, environment, protection and customs.
To be the leading company in Latin America in social responsibility auditing services based on the trust of our clients who are committed to achieving production standards in legal, humane and ethical conditions.
Solid values such as honesty, efficiency, responsibility and a vocation for service, uprightness of conscience, equality, cooperation, respect, coherence, loyalty and probity come to constitute the cornerstone that sustains our organization and that constitutes the guidelines that guides our actions.

CERTINT is accredited by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production – WRAP to perform certification audits on its behalf in the geographic regions of Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia.